Enterprise Culture

One, our vision is: to become China's most influential chemical fiber enterprises1480386209120884.jpg

Two, our mission is: committed to the Chinese enterprises to do strong, bigger and lead the Chinese enterprises to the world stage

Three, our aim is: to reject the theory, pay attention to actual combat, to help customers improve profits

Four, our spirit is simple, focused, stubborn.

Five, our style: commitment, no excuse; absolute obedience, never give up

Six, our values are:

Customer: everything is based on the value of the customer

Principle: system first, leading second

Standard: always keep the peak, everything in the first place as the goal

Team: in unison, Qi broken gold

Thanksgiving: with the heart of Thanksgiving, with love to win respect

Responsibility: responsible for themselves, responsible for the enterprise, responsible for the society1480386286762566.jpg

Seven, our core idea is:

The concept of survival: only way, to endure

Development philosophy: sacrifice the ego, complete the big me

The concept of competition: beyond the self, do not fight the enemy soldiers

Sales philosophy: selling everything is to love

Service concept: customer centered, with love to do service

Brand concept: brand value, the value of creating wealth

The concept of wealth: money is a thing apart, first wealth is growing

Work principle: the simple method of practice acme is trick

Life philosophy: dumping money enough to gather, the amount of wide enough; first to rate, to convince the people of self-discipline

The idea of employing people: position first, ability second

Organizational philosophy: to create a platform to achieve their own

The idea of achievement: the pursuit of the goal of ordinary people, outstanding people beyond the target, excellent people to create a miracle