Leadership Speech

1480390089775131.jpgOn behalf of all the staff of the company to China, all the concern and support the development of Huatong company leaders at all levels, friends, all of the strategic partners and the community to express my heartfelt thanks!

A few years hard pioneer and still work, several years of hard struggle fruits. China Huatong company founded people make painstaking efforts, glorious inheritance, break a new sky Huatong company. The company of Zhejiang chemical fiber industry has become China's influential enterprises, products are sold all over the country.

The song, wade like dance. Over the past few years, we feel exciting; in the future, we are full of pride. A few years no matter how far, it is only a short moment in the history of a few years; no matter how many brilliant achievements, can only represent the past history.

Today's China, we will uphold the rich cultural heritage of several years of accumulation, adhere to the "sincere person, the enterprise core value conscientiously" concept, adhere to the "pursuit of excellence, based on the world, the company's quality policy to create quality, customer satisfaction", adhere to the "people-oriented, pragmatic innovation, integrity management, the pursuit of excellence" of the enterprise business philosophy, "the development direction of professional industrialization", and strive to achieve the "chemical fiber industry's most influential enterprises".

We see the market, customers, quality and talent is the most important and most valuable four elements of the existence and development of enterprises. The success of the business, can not do without the support of each customer. "Began in customer requirements, finally customer satisfaction" is the core of our enterprise management, as long as the customer give us a chance to service, we will also take practical action to customer satisfaction, this is our commitment!

We have established a strong and clear quality concept. Uphold the spirit of professionalism, focus on core strengths, the pursuit of excellence, excellence, consistent. With high-quality products, in place of service, and constantly enhance product value and enterprise value, this is our eternal pursuit!

Now, Huatong company should concentrate on business, undivided attention and development, all enterprises to do fine, making the enterprise stronger, to cause bigger, forming the core competitiveness of the new Huatong company, to create high-quality brand series of chemical fiber products.

Hope to become friends with you forever, hope our cause to create brilliant!